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EMQQ Global is an investment management and research firm focused on helping investors capture the opportunities in fast-growing Internet and Ecommerce companies in Emerging and Frontier Markets.


Investment Solutions

EMQQ Global’s focused investment solutions offer access to a rapidly digitizing planet, and the billions of new and technology-empowered consumers in Emerging and Frontier Markets. Our strategies capture the companies driving innovation through smartphones across the world, including ecommerce platforms, mobile banking, online entertainment and gaming, social networks, search engines, ride-hailing, food delivery, and more.

Why Emerging Markets Tech?

Access the world and the future at once

Emerging markets are home to 85% of the world’s people, and 90% of the global population under the age of 30. These young consumers are apt to embrace new technologies and have an appetite for modernization.  

Capture tech as it expands globally

Only 45% of people in Emerging Markets own smartphones, as compared to 77% of people in advanced economies. These phones are bringing first-time Internet access to billions of new consumers, transforming lives and economies at velocity.

Invest in economy-defining innovation

Unencumbered by traditional retail infrastructure, technology companies in the developing world are allowing entire economies to leapfrog traditional brick-and-mortar consumption.

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About EMQQ Global

An Elevated Approach to Emerging Markets Investing

EMQQ Global is a San Francisco-based investment management and research firm focused on the Emerging and Frontier Markets Technology Sector. We launched in 2014 to provide investors exposure to the rise of the smartphone-enabled emerging markets consumer.

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