The Innovative Way of Reaching Emerging Markets Around the World

Nov 30, 2022


Social media platforms like TikTok may be buzzing, but they’re not always the most obvious way to reach audiences in emerging markets around the world. That’s a lesson local startups know well and foreign companies are learning.

Rappi on the Rise

Rappi, the Softbank-backed delivery app that’s slowly turning into a super app,  will be the Colombian national soccer team’s main sponsor during the upcoming World Cup in Dubai next November. It’s low-hanging fruit for a company bred and grown in Colombia, a country where soccer is the most popular sport.

Tuning into Uber’s Radio Show

Meanwhile, Uber is launching a radio show in Mexico tailored to the 200K drivers and delivery workers on its app. It’s a well-thought strategy: 36% of all Mexican smartphone users listen to the radio online, and Mexican delivery workers and drivers work the longest in the region (33 hours a week vs. an average 22 hours in Brasil and Colombia). 

Clearly, a radio show available online is a sweet spot between long workdays and information platforms for emerging markets around the world. Listening to the radio on a smartphone is pretty accessible, as it usually doesn’t require a subscription or additional apps.

Snuffing Out the Competition?

The strategy might work as Uber is trying to retain some of its partners. It dominates 80% of the ride-hailing market in Mexico, but just 17% of the food delivery segment. For a while now, it’s been losing both customers and workers to Rappi,  its closest delivery competitor.

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